Thursday, 27 September 2012


Last week, my family and I go back to the village to spend time in the last day of “Hari Raya Aidilfitri”. In addition, Monday is public holiday..So my family and I take this chance to back the village. My village is at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. My uncle, my aunt, and my cousin are also back to the village. We also having a time to burned of “lemang” and made a “dodol”.. Made the “dodol”? Wahhhh!!!!I’m very happy and very curious… This is my first time I’m stir the dodol and my first experience.

      We work together with my cousins, my younger sister and me. We helped each other to do the work. We work hard and change from my cousin and mine to stir the dodol. If we don’t changed we will make so tired. Made the dodol is not easier that you know. To make the dodol we have to be more patient because we will take a long time from 5 until 8 hours to do this. Woww... For stir the dodol we have more energy plus with a patient.

      If you want to see that person is patient or not, you can try this person to stir the dodol. Hahaha.. This is my tip.

This is my younger sister.. hehe~

The process of sieving tepung pulut [glutinous rice mixture]

Tepung pulut [glutinous rice flour] mixture was mixed with santan [coconut milk]

 Sugar to give it a touch of sweetness

Red sugar is always the main ingredient of a dodol. It gives the flavor, aroma, and the dodol's maroon color

 The dodol had now almost reached its desired state of viscosity

Although, we so tired stir the dodol but I’m so happy.. (did you stir dodol before??)
If you never stir the dodol you can try making it.
Make the dodol is so fun.  :D

Monday, 24 September 2012



Netcentric??? Ermmmm…what about netcentric? I’m not sure what netcentric is about and I also could not understand what netcentric is but this is my first choice. Why I taking this course??? I’m selecting this course because the name is so interesting. I’m interested for taking this course because someone volunteer from university who give me introduce this course .hehe.. That so many course in computer science and mathematics such as multimedia, information system, artificial intelligent but I’m choosing this course. Besides that, my cousin asked to me to take the netcentric because the netcentric is the new program. He also asked to me, maybe when I’m graduate it will easier to get a job. Insyaallah..To me Netcentric is a combination with networking, web development and system. It’s that right??

Monday, 17 September 2012

My First Entry

Assalamualaikum.. Hello everyone..

                I never expected that I’m going to have blog, before this I just read my friends’ blog but now I’m going to manage my own blog. First of all, thank you to my beloved lecturer Mdm Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah who teach me subject ITT544: Web Technology. Thanks Mdm for giving me a chance and support me to create my own blog.  So, this is my first time creating a blog and I’m very excited for doing this.

                Umm,  before I go further I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nurhayati Binti Zakaria but you can call me YATI.. I am 21 years old and taking Bsc. (Hons) Netcentric Computing in UiTM Shah Alam. Even it’s hard for me to understand what Netcentric is about but I will do my best to get a scroll of Bachelor in Netcentric Computing.. I hope that I can really do it and pray for my success..

                Hopefully, next entry I will give something meaningful and make you enjoy to read it.. Thank you for spending your time to read it and hopefully you enjoy it..

Byeeee..Have a nice day..
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