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..Type of static and dynamic webpage..

Hi everyone, I’m back with new Entry..Smiley .. We have three types in web page. There are static, dynamic and active web pages.For this entry I would like to write about static and dynamic web page..

Table 2 Difference static and dynamic web page. 


One way communication
Two ways communication
For display without interactive
Interactive with client-server and web-server
In the web page, it just have content and information
Using client-side scripting (ajax,json) and server-side scripting (database)
User just read the information
 Can log in, log out
It shows the required information to the viewer, but do not accept any information from the viewer.

Displays the information to the viewer and also accepts the information from the user. For example: Hotel reservation, Online shopping and etc.
Are read only without database and they have no form filling option no log in sign up option and just some images.
There have database and store the data.


This is example of  static and dynamic webpage..

                             Static webpage                                                         Dynamic webpage

Difference between webpage and website

Assalamualaikum..Hai everyone..
I want to say sorry because I am not update this blog for a long time. How are you today??I hope you are fine..I want to share my knowledge about the difference between webpage and  website to all of you.I hope this entry can give you information that are very useful for us..

There are many people, who cannot differentiate between website and webpage. 

Table 1 Difference between a web page and a website

                             Webpage                                                                  Website

Is a single page of information just like a piece of paper.
Is a network of webpages interlinked to each other, like a book. A Website can consist of many webpages, ranging from multiple topics. Visitors can browse a website and go on multiple pages and do multiple things.

Is one screen full of information
Is made up of a number of different web pages connected by links.

Is what you see through your browser by scrolling the window up and down.
Collection of one or more web pages and composed of a group of webpages linked together.

Table 1

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