Thursday, 3 January 2013

Closing Entry

Last post..

I would like to thank to our lecturer, Madam Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah for being such a wonderful lecturer to us, and teach us for subject web technology. I want to apologize to madam if I made a mistake.Sorry madam if I have hurt you, directly or indirectly. I hope that, you will 'halal' all the knowledge that you gave us. Kindly, please pray for us, madam.

This is poem with you madam..

Sunshine with an open eye,
And I say hello to the wind of a new day,
The wind whispers something to me,
And slowly feeling the one..
Who sacrificed, quietly and patiently...
For we be by day..

Thank you for my lecturer,
You hold me on your shoulder,
And fly me like a kite,
You hold me by your hands,
And raise me with your might..

You inspire we with love,
Of knowledge and truth,
As light that you burn,
Bring us an ocean of love....

Thanks a lot madam to teach us...


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